Services We Offer

Web Design & Development

Our designers understand the importance of good use of color, easily readable text, meaningful Graphics, User friendly design.

Windows Application Development

We pride ourselves in delivering to our customer's complete, highly adaptable solutions in custom software and database development tailored to your specific requirements.

Android Application Development

Android software development is the process by which new applications are created for devices running the Android operating system.

Affordable Web Hosting Plans

Providing our clients with high-quality website hosting for the lowest price is our top priority. Our web hosting will suit your needs with ultimate speed.We are your best web hosting choice.

Training & Internship Cources

Get started with the world's most used technologies, PHP, Wordpress, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, C#,, ASP, JSP etc. This course will get you started in no time.!

Logo Designing / Branding

Logo is an important trademark for a corporation which represents your individuality in the corporate world and reflects the present position of a corporation.

Computer Networking Service

Network is the most necessary part of computer. Through Network a computer can connect with Web and also multiple computers and computer's equipment’s.

Computer Repair Service

No matter which computer, system, desktop you use our technicians are capable to handle all your technical problems right on your desk, home and office location.

Our Valuable Clients

Narakewadi Amrutdhara Farm

४० वर्ष शिक्षण,क्रीडा,दूध या क्षेत्रात सामाजिकतेचा वास उभारणारे अरुण नरके आणि त्यांचे पुत्र संदीप नरके यांच्या दूरदृष्टीतुन हि 'अमृतधारा' साकारलेली आहे.

Narakes Panhala Public School Jr. College

Narakes Panhala Public School Jr. College is Owened by Mr. Sandeep Arun Narake. Narakes Panhala Public School Jr. College is a residential school & college situated at Panhala

Tattoo Stop

Tattoo Stop is owened by Omkar Shelke. Omkar Is one of the best tattoo and wall graphics artist in kolhapur. Tattoo stop is responsible for bloodless tattoos.

Tech Nutrient Infomatics

IOT 4.0

For the improvement of efficiency and productivity IOT allows the evaluation, collection and analysis of data; to integrate machines, processes, employees and products under the same network.Our team works passionately to give the best solutions thru development of various web based solutions as per the requirements and challenges to meet your expectations. IOT can be implemented in AUTOMOTIVE and MANUFACTURING sectors.

Gym Care Software

benefits joining as Trainee

A trainee is commonly known as an individual taking part in a trainee program or a graduate program within a company after having graduated from university or college. A trainee is an official employee of the firm that is being trained to the job he/she was originally hired for. Literally an employee in training.


Interns may be college and university students, or post-graduate adults. These positions may be paid or unpaid and are temporary.


A Graduate Training Scheme is an excellent way to jump start your career.


You Can Learn Web Basics as wel as windows basics. You Can Develope Websites and Softwares on your Own


Working On Live Projects and Live Websites.

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